8 Careers for Female Felons

May 25, 2022
May 25, 2022 Terkel

What’s a good career option for a female with a felony?

To help you know the career options available to female felons, we asked career counselors and legal professionals this question for their best insights. From Chef or Baker to Telemarketer, there are several careers that may be good for females with a felony background. 

Here are eight good career options for females with a felony:

  • Chef or Baker
  • Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors
  • Freelancing
  • Blogger
  • Social Media Influencer Or Content Creator
  • Receptionist or Front Desk Executive
  • Graphic Designer
  • Telemarketer


Careers for Female Felons

Chef or Baker

If you have a felony, seeking a career opportunity as a chef or baker can provide you with a chance to do well and create a better life for yourself. Depending on the company you work for, as a chef, you won’t be in a safety-sensitive position where you handle confidential information. Being a chef can allow you to use your skills and interact directly or indirectly with the public. You can also open your own restaurant or bakery and employ other ex-offenders to provide them with a fair chance at employment.

Annette Harris, Harris Financial Coaching


Manufacturers and Wholesale Distributors

Felony convictions affect millions of Americans. If you’re one of them, you know that finding decent employment for felons isn’t always simple. In reality, finding any form of work is typically the most difficult task for ex-offenders and criminals in our nation. Opportunities might seem to be scarce.

Manufacturers and wholesale distributors of all types want diligent sales representatives who can promote their goods and close transactions with businesses and other groups. This employment may be a good fit for you if you’re outgoing and don’t mind traveling or making a lot of phone calls. And online courses are often available to teach the art of selling. Keep in mind that many sales positions for prisoners will only be offered to people who do not have felony convictions for offenses such as theft or violence on their records.

Timothy Woods, Carnivore Style



People with criminal records often have difficulty finding a new job that requires a written contract. Employers simply have many concerns and do not want to commit legally. This is understandable, but it also creates a problem for such a person. A good idea when you have some doable skills as a freelancer is just to do individual projects. This can be related to writing, design, planning, or even programming. There are plenty of options, and it is quite easy to find assignments and make money.

Magdalena Sadowska, Passport Photo Online



A blogger position is a great career option. Whether it’s their own blog or participating in someone else’s, they can use their voice to connect with an audience. In addition, this is something that can be done on their own time. Building a career as a blogger is an effective way to write thoughts on paper while communicating with an audience who wants to hear you words.

Natália Sadowski, Nourishing Biologicals


Social Media Influencer Or Content Creator

Use your knowledge and experiences to your advantage. Find what you’re good at, or if you already know, create unique content that people are looking for. You can do this anonymously or not, if you’re concerned about your privacy. As a lawyer, I’ve seen so many decent individuals who are stripped off opportunities because of prejudice, but that shouldn’t stop you from succeeding. If you have enough capital, run a business; if not, run a vlog! While the internet has its own brutality, these engagements still help you earn. If you can take the psychological strain of having “haters” who still help get you money by engaging in your posts, go ahead and start posting!

Collen Clark, Schmidt & Clark, LLP


Receptionist or Front Desk Executive

Getting a job after a felony is extremely tough. Sometimes you apply for the incorrect job and are not hired. Before applying in any field, research whether or not that industry hires felons. You may apply for a position as a receptionist. Good communication skills and computer experience are essential for this position. Working as a receptionist, front desk executive, or office coordinator are all options. For female convicts, working as a receptionist is also a viable alternative.

Samantha Odo, Precondo


Graphic Designer

The ability to create artistic visual communication to the public for advertisements or books is an influential career for a female felon. A job as a graphic designer gives women a second chance. With a strong portfolio and completion of a certificate program, the job prospect has strong projected growth and salary. This career is excellent for advancement or the ability to begin an entrepreneurial journey of your own. The flexibility of working at home or in the office is wonderful if you have children or other obligations. If this career is pursued, you will reap the benefits of success for the future and beyond.

Melissa Rhodes, Psychics 1on1



If you’re a woman with a felony thinking about taking up a job, consider becoming a telemarketer. You don’t need special education for this job. Your employer will provide proper training. Due to the high turnover of employees in this role, it is relatively easy to get a telemarketer job even with a conviction. As a telemarketer, you have no direct contact with customers who might be concerned about your situation. You also have no access to the company’s finances, which could lead to a lack of trust in your employer. As a telemarketer, you may expect around $13 per hour. So if you’re a woman with a felony, this job may be a good start.

Nina Paczka, MyPerfectResume

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