What Does a Marketing Director Do?

April 4, 2023
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April 4, 2023 wpengine

What Does a Marketing Director Do?

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a Marketing Director looks like? We’ve gathered insights from six industry professionals, including Founders, CMOs, and Marketing Directors, to give you a glimpse into their daily routines. From managing marketing plans and getting an inside look at a typical day schedule, discover the diverse responsibilities of a Marketing Director in this article.

  • Managing Marketing Plans and Trends
  • Structured Daily Routine
  • Diverse Tasks and Collaboration
  • Agency Communication and Brainstorming
  • Overseeing Activities and Analysis
  • Typical Day Schedule and Updates

Managing Marketing Plans and Trends

As a marketing director, my duties entail managing the creation and application of marketing plans that promote a business’s goods or services. I work with other members of the marketing team to organize and execute campaigns, examine market trends and consumer behavior, review and approve creative materials, manage budgets and resources, and assess market trends and customer behavior.

Together with attending meetings with other department heads and executives, I also deliver updates on the success of marketing activities and discuss corporate priorities and goals. I also keep up with market developments, and changes in the competitive environment, and use this information to change our marketing strategy.

Overall, my day is hectic and includes juggling many tasks, but it’s thrilling and satisfying to see how our marketing initiatives have affected the company’s performance.

Jeff RomeroJeff Romero
Founder, Jeff Romero SEO Consulting

Structured Daily Routine

My typical day as a marketing director starts with a brainstorming session in the morning. This deep-thinking session is free of any tech involvement and allows me and my team to get clarity on our ideas and current projects. I check my emails and schedule any calls I have before setting up meetings in the afternoon. My day ends with another run through my inbox to review reports.

Liam LiuLiam Liu
Co-founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

Diverse Tasks and Collaboration

As a Marketing Director, my days are filled with diverse tasks and challenges that keep me on my toes. An average day typically starts with checking my emails and reviewing the performance metrics of our ongoing campaigns. From there, I might lead a team meeting to discuss progress, brainstorm ideas, and set priorities for upcoming projects.

Throughout the day, I collaborate with various departments, such as sales, product development, and customer service, ensuring our marketing efforts align with the overall business goals. I also monitor industry trends, analyze competitors, and identify opportunities for growth.

In between meetings and strategy sessions, I work on creative briefs, provide feedback on marketing materials, and fine-tune our messaging to ensure a consistent brand voice. Finally, I wrap up my day by assessing the day’s achievements and planning the next steps, always striving for continuous improvement and growth.

Max DesiakMax Desiak
Co-founder and Marketing Strategist, Spreadsheet Daddy

Agency Communication and Brainstorming

I’m Head of Marketing at WiserBrand, a full-cycle software development and marketing agency. So, my primary responsibility is planning and setting up marketing campaigns for our customers and for our company itself. My average day is usually full of communication, brainstorming, and organizational tasks.

For example, today I had a meeting with a current customer, an introductory meeting with a new client, and a one-to-one meeting with a team member to discuss their performance and career growth plan.

Together with my team, we have also discussed the results of recent Google ads. Once a week, I also have meetings with the marketing team and CEO to discuss our current tasks and set the goals for the next iteration.

Eugene Koplyk, Head of Marketing, WiserBrand

Overseeing Activities and Analysis

As a Marketing Director, my role is to oversee and manage all marketing activities for the company. This includes developing and implementing marketing strategies, managing the budget, analyzing market trends, and working closely with other departments to ensure that our marketing efforts are aligned with overall business goals.

An average day for me involves a lot of meetings, both internal and external. I meet with my team to discuss ongoing campaigns, review analytics, and brainstorm new ideas. Also, I meet with other department heads to ensure that our marketing efforts are supporting their initiatives. I may have meetings with vendors, partners, or clients to discuss new opportunities or collaborations.

Aside from meetings, I also spend a significant amount of time reviewing and analyzing data to measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. This includes monitoring website traffic, social media engagement, conversion rates, and all funnels.

Michael LazarMichael Lazar
Executive, ReadyCloud

Typical Day Schedule and Updates

The best thing about being a Marketing Director is that no two days are the same. However, I can try to give you an idea of what a typical 9-5 day might look like:

9 am – Catch up with the team on Zoom about ongoing projects, recent wins, and priorities for the day ahead.

9:30 am – Emails, client meetings

10:30 am – Work. This could work on new proposals, analyzing and amending current marketing campaigns, reviewing analytics reports, liaising with individual team members for updates on their areas of projects/campaigns, etc.


2-4 pm – This is my time to focus on new business—so I will usually work on proposals, audits, presentations, etc., and also meet with prospective clients.

4-5 pm – Reading and researching. The world of online marketing is always changing, so I find it pays to dedicate time in the day to catch up with any news. At the moment, I’m usually reading a lot about AI!

Luke GlassfordLuke Glassford
Marketing Director, Gambit Partners

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