JoAnne Pavin

September 18, 2006
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September 18, 2006 Terkel

I love golf because no matter how frustrating it can be, there always comes a point where you admit to yourself that the way in which you smack a little, white ball around is not a reflection of the type of person that you are. Plus, I mean, you’re out enjoying nature with a group of friend, drinking beer all day. What could be better?

The Pursue the Passion Team caught up with JoAnne Pavin on the gorgeous Chalet Hills Golf Club located in Cary, Illinois, a suburb some 35-minutes northwest of Chicago. In our talk, we learned about JoAnne’s take on life and got a better sense of exactly why she is such a nice person. JoAnne managed to hold back her friendly smile as she wiped the floor with the three of us for nine holes. As if the embarrassment of losing weren’t enough to do so, I decided to call it quits when I was almost attacked by a gardener snake.

Despite the incident, that day proved to be one of the best days on our trip to Chicago. We enjoyed the summer heat without a care in the world (other than the obvious objective of the game, and of course the snake in question). Rather than give you a 3rd person narrative about JoAnne’s path, I thought that JoAnne’s comparison between the games of golf and life would be more informative.

JoAnne said: “Just like golf, interruptions in life and business will happen all the time, you just need to step back up to the ball and give it your best shot. So with whatever you are to make of your paths, remember: through the bunkers, hazards, vast undulating fairways along the way, there is always the 19th hole! Never take yourself, or golf too seriously!”

Amen. Or should I say “Fore!”