Scott Foreman – Videographer

July 12, 2007
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July 12, 2007 Terkel

“Is this path the right one? Am I doing the right thing?” These are the questions Scott Foreman, Director of Post-Production for, asked himself when he was 22, working as an unpaid production intern for a television station in San Francisco. Lack of pay did not stop Scott from doing what he loves. What he learned from his mentors in San Francisco he parlayed into an editing position at in Phoenix, and has since advanced to become the company’s head of post-production.

Ten years after leaving San Francisco, Scott has found himself doing exactly what he has always wanted to do: telling stories. “It may sound trite,” Scott warns, “but never lose sight of what you want to do, and place yourself around brilliant minds.” The latter advice comes from years spent managing creative minds in the unique, open work environment offers its employees.

Although professionalism is important in to any company’s well being, Scott warns “if you want honey, you can’t kick over the beehive.” That is to say that people with different skill sets require different management. To allow diverse talent the room to flourish Scott suggests a “team mentality, not reverence to a rigid hierarchy.” Scott now finds himself the head of a blossoming department in a burgeoning company. He is now not only a storyteller, but also an executive with the ability to help others tell their stories.