May 10, 2006 Terkel

Jim Click is the owner of the Jim Click Automotive Group that has numerous auto dealerships and is one of the top groups of its kind in the country.

Jim started pursuing his passion early on in his life. He started as a hard nosed center for the Oklahoma State Cowboys football team and then moved on to work at a car dealership in California. Initially, he struggled in the business. At one point, he wanted to quit both the football team and the dealership, to which his dad responded, “Son, you can quit, but you can’t come home.”

Through the mentality that there is “no shortcut to success,” Jim climbed his way up the ladder with the mentoring of , Mr. Tuttle another car dealer and his father. He says that he has built his business successfully by building and maintaining customer relationships.

Some of his best advice to us during the interview was to “find something you love doing, and then retire for the rest of your life.” He also said that the way you think about life, whether it be positive or negative, will determine the outcome of your future success.