Interview With European Denture Center

September 30, 2020
September 30, 2020 Terkel

This is an interview with Henry Babichenko, DD of European Denture Center.

Where were you at 22, and how did you get to where you are today?

I was a student at PCC, studying Dental Technology.

When did you really decide to “take ownership” of your career? What inspired you to pursue your passion?

Before attending college, I worked at a local dental laboratory where I got the passion to pursue a career in the dental industry.

All good career stories include some aspect of “risk.” Was there a moment in your career where you felt that you were risking something, but looking back on it now, that move made all the difference?

Deciding to open my first dental business shortly after graduation instead of joining a well established dental operation was a risk. Looking back, the risk I took was well worth the reward of creating a successful dental organization that shares my values and provides uncompromising service to our patients.

Where do you find significance in your work? What gives you the most satisfaction?

Being able to chew food with a healthy pair of teeth is vital to our patient’s overall health and self esteem. Working on a daily basis to help our patients restore their life, is a reward in itself.

How do you measure success in your role? How do you know you’re succeeding?

Keeping our patients satisfied while helping our staff stay motivated is my goal. Helping thousands of patients restore their lives, is how I measure my success.

If you could offer your 22-year old self one piece of advice, what would you say?

The road that leads to success if full of bumps and bruises. Be ready to face your fears and overcome.