Sandi Serling

September 12, 2007
Posted in interviews
September 12, 2007 Terkel

At 47, Sandi Serling decided to start riding motorcycles. She is not an action junky, nor is she crazy, but her love of the motorcycle is palpable. On her 46th birthday, the self-employed P.R. agent jumped out of an airplane; halfway down, she thought, “I want to ride a motorcycle.” “To be successful in your work,” Sandi says, “You need to be a bit of a maverick.” Sandi uses motorcycles as a metaphor of what she does; the motorcycle is risky, much like self-employment, but risk is rewarded with great gain.

A vivacious extrovert, Sandi loves the attention she receives from riding, noting that her bike has helped land a, client or two. “If you’re not passionate about what you do,” Sandi warns, “You’re life is going to be miserable.” Passion is an important concept for Sandi, because as a publicist, she must be able to embody those things she represents. Success, in Sandi’s eyes, leaves no stone unturned, and no path unexplored. Sandi is in the process of exploring those paths, and judging the smile and constant laugh that accompany her, the exploration has been considerably joyful.