8 Best Careers For Political Science Majors

June 21, 2022 Terkel

What is one good career for a political science major?

To help you identify careers that are good for political science majors, we asked career coaches and experienced recruiters this question for their best recommendations. From Marketing Research Analyst to Journalist to Public Relations Specialist, there are several careers that are recommended as best for those with political science degrees.

Here are the seven best careers for political science majors:

  • Marketing Research Analyst
  • Attorney
  • Social Media Manager
  • Arbitrator
  • Consulting
  • Journalist
  • Public Relations Specialist


Marketing Research Analyst

Market researchers examine how consumers will react to products or services like political science students examine how potential voters will react to candidates. Political science majors research the role of polling and survey research in campaigning. Market researchers frequently conduct surveys of consumer reactions to potential or current products and services. When designing scientifically viable studies, market research analysts can draw on the political science major’s knowledge of research standards. Clients and coworkers must be informed of their results, and data must be provided to support their recommendations.

Salvador Ordorica, The Spanish Group



If we were playing Family Feud, “lawyer” would be the number one answer to this question. The most popular pre-law major is political science. It is great preparation for law school. The course of study for political science majors includes learning about how government systems work – both in the United States and abroad. You learn about the origins of certain laws, how they have evolved, how they’re enforced and by whom. A law degree is often the next logical step for anyone who majors in political science.

Alan Ahdoot, Adamson Ahdoot Law


Social Media Manager

Social media is rapidly influencing public opinion. Politicians, officials, parties, and interest groups all require social media managers to keep track of constituents’ opinions on their administration and current concerns. Social media managers must be familiar with a variety of social media platforms and be able to plan campaigns to influence their users’ attitudes. Political science students understand how various media shape and affect public opinion, and they may help formulate and implement these plans.

Ayman Zaidi, GreatPeopleSearch



An arbitrator is a great career path to follow. Political science majors seem to have a better understanding of how to bring separate parties together in a way that is beneficial to both parties. And that is exactly what arbitrators are professionally responsible for. The role of an arbitrator’s job is constantly growing as more and more people are looking for an alternative to traditional litigation. People with a political science degree can find an arbitrator job both rewarding and exciting.

Agata Szczepanek, MyPerfectResume



Political science majors have a variety of career options in consulting. Consultants help organizations find solutions to complex problems. Political science majors have to study to gain an understanding of the complex systems which can dictate the trajectory of an organization. Geopolitical, legal and economic areas of study are often touched upon in political science programs.

Background knowledge in these subjects will prepare political science majors to deal with a variety of issues when they enter the consulting space. For example, a legal and geopolitical background can offer insights when serving as a consultant for a company that is dealing with international shipping laws and regulatory bodies. Political science majors have an understanding of a number of the complex subjects that consultants operate in.

Sean Doherty, Box Genie



Political science majors should consider a career in journalism. Individuals with a degree in political science have studied insights into the complex field of human affairs. They have some understanding of how groups and institutional mechanisms interact to shape society. Journalists have the responsibility of reporting on the events in society and being able to communicate some context for the impact of these events.

Political science majors have background knowledge that journalists will likely find useful regarding the complex interactions between events, institutions and people. Political scientists often deal in the narratives of history and develop theories based on their writings. Journalists must have a clear understanding of narratives as well. Journalism is an applicable field for a political science degree.

Katy Carrigan, Goody


Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist is a good career option for a political science major. Political science influences public opinions about its clients based largely on sharing stories with the media. Public relations specialists develop strong writing and research skills. The major work is to coordinate all pubic-related activities and strategize marketing and media communication plans.

This lucrative career needs strong communication, presentation skills, and persuasive skills to attract public and media attention. They learn to form opinions and study the mechanics of organizing campaigns and public appearances by a government representative. Analytical and critical thinking is vital to evaluating the platforms of political parties as they share their work with faculty and peers.

Shivanshi Srivastava, PaydayLoansUK



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