Lisa Bauch

September 14, 2007
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September 14, 2007 brett

Lisa Bauch doesn’t like being told “no.” The owner of Uppercut Boxing Gym, in Minneapolis, MN, found other boxing gyms to be unwelcoming to a woman entering the sport; Lisa rectified this problem by starting her own gym. Now in its eleventh year of operation, Uppercut welcomes all boxing enthusiasts, from fighters in training, to casual exercisers. Lisa has long sought to “demystify” boxing so that many can enjoy the fitness and confidence it provides. Lisa, who fell for boxing while learning self-defense, still faces the prejudice inherent to a male dominated world, but she lets her fighters speak in the ring.

When asked where boxing and business collide, Lisa conjures a boxer who has lost the first round. Sitting in the corner, beaten and tired, that fighter must “look for the angles and take a different approach,” even in the face of a terrible start. It is this kind of resilience that allows Uppercut to thrive, while “simply allowing more people to be involved with the sport.” Lisa, whose 43 years are not evident in her face, knows that when the bell rings, it’s “back to basics.” Uppercut continues to be a place to hone these basics, even if you are not looking to fight.